About Us

Gadget enthusiast. 

Audio nut. 

A passionate writer! 

Greetings! Stephen is the resident scribe for audiosplitz.com targeted at portable music lovers. Get anything from news to bite-sized reviews on headphones, sports in-ears and streamed music. Why audio? 'Cos music makes the people come together (cheesy but yea, he's a fan of mdna).

His experience with tech gadgets extends to being a:
• Writer for consumer technology at CNET Asia 
• Product guy (inclusive of copywriting and user interface design) at Razer
• Minidisc evangelist back in its heyday

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Our Purpose
We give you advice on how to choose the ideal audio gear for an optimal hearing experience. We provide reviews and guides so you can find the ideal equipment for your needs. 

Why bite-sized reviews?
You can talk for eons on technical specifications and quantitative measurements on the output of sound that comes out through a pair of headphones.

This is not our aim.

We want to present a simple means for you to appreciate a product by running through the design, performance and features. 

We give insight on: 
1. The unboxing process 

2. How the product looks. We provide a ton of accompanying images to (hopefully) give better appreciation of the product.

3. Overall user experience on product usage

Why news?
We love to stay in touch with technological trends in the audio arena. Cabled earphones still look like they have a place in this world but for how much longer? 

Bluetooth and completely wireless earphones are now today's norm. 

Boundaries continue to be pushed and it's crucial to appreciate and understand these trends.

How do I advertise?
We're pretty much open to sponsorships, side bar display banners, product launches, etc on anything to do with audio. Feel free to buzz. 

Affiliate Fees
We run the Amazon Affiliates program on our site. While this may give a perceived bias to a product review, we can say that we try to be as open and honest during the review process. Sure we talk about the pros but we also elaborate on the cons. Our focus is to give value added insight into great audio gear on the go. For that reason, we do in-depth articles (for example, on noise canceling and wireless sports audio) where the ultimate goal is to help you to understand, appreciate and make the right choice in audio gear selection. 

Now contact us!
Yup, hesitate no more. Feel free to ping us for further queriesWe'll be happy to reply you!

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