CES 2016 - Jaybird X3 and Freedom Wireless

January 05, 2016

CES 2016 - Jaybird signals its intent to dominate the wireless sports earphone market with the launch of 2 new products - The X3 Wireless and the Freedom Wireless, both running on Bluetooth 4.0. It appears Jaybird's product lifecycles are getting shorter given that its successful X2 was just released in Aug.

31 Oct 2016 - Jaybird X3 Wireless - Review
13 Sep 2016 - Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Review
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - 5 colors

What's the Big Deal?

1. Customizable Sound Profile
For whichever device you are using, your sound settings are apparently saved. This is a first for sports wireless earphones. 
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Blaze Red
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Blaze Red

2. Jaybird MySound app
Jaybird is now beginning to integrate hardware with the software for both the X3 and Freedom. This app gives customization of your EQ settings which can be used from device to device. This is iOS and Android friendly.
Jaybird MySound app
Jaybird MySound app

3. Comply Foam
We loved the experience of the Comply Foam (Sports) tips on the X2. There's no reason to believe that the isolation or the fit will be any worse on the Freedom and the X3.
Update (31 Oct 2016)
- Freedom uses Comply Foam (Sports) tips
- X3 uses Comply Foam (Isolation) tips
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Blush
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Blush

4. Battery Life
The X3 Wireless promises 7 hours of juice (just slightly less than the 8h of the X2) while the Freedom Wireless offers 8 hours. This is very agreeable when you check out other sports offerings like the Jabra Sport Coach (5.5h) or the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless (6h).
Update (31 Oct 2016) -
Jaybird stated the X3 now is on par with X2 at 8 hours.
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Ocean

5. Sweat proof
These earphones are still sweat proof like the X2, a definite plus should you go for jogging. All that remains is for this to be tested.
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Ocean
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Ocean

The Freedom Wireless will now be the top tier sports Bluetooth offering from Jaybird.
X3 Wireless - USD 149.99 129.99 (updated 31 Oct 2016)
Freedom Wireless - USD 199.99
Jaybird X3 Wireless packaging contents
Jaybird X3 Wireless contents - Packaging mockup provided at CES 2016
Both are slated for launch in Q2 2016 at selected retailers worldwide. While there's no news on Singapore (SG) availability as yet, we'll see if we can lay our hands on a review unit.
Jaybird Freedom Wireless - Blush lifestyle

Where To Buy
The Jaybird Freedom Wireless (US - USD 129) and Jaybird X3 Wireless (US - USD 149) can be purchased from jaybirdsport.com.

Alternatively, if you liked our coverage, do feel free to support us by purchasing the:
- Jaybird Freedom Wireless (from USD 134) from Amazon via this affiliate link
- Jaybird X3 Wireless (USD 129) from Amazon via this affiliate link
Jaybird Freedom Wireless packaging contents
Jaybird Freedom Wireless contents
Update (31 Aug 2016)
We have gotten our hands on the Jaybird Freedom Wireless. Stay tuned for the full review in mid-September!

Update (13 Sep 2016)
And now, our review of the Jaybird Freedom Wireless is now out.

Update (31 Oct 2016)
Check out our review of the Jaybird X3 Wireless, launched at USD 129.99. Pre-orders can now be taken at jaybirdsport.com and units are expected to ship from November 2016. 

Update (15 Feb 2017)
Logitech, that now owns Jaybird, mentioned that it is likely that the SG release will be in late-March to early-April 2017.

Update (3 May 2017)

The Jaybird X3 is now available today in Singapore for SGD 215.
Jaybird X3 Blackout
Jaybird X3 Wireless - Blackout

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  1. Hello!

    It's already Mid-August. Are these 2 models released yet? Can't seem to find them anywhere.
    Would you have any updates, please?

  2. @Alisma - Hey there! If you're in SG, they are slated to be released sometime next month. If you can't wait, you can purchase from Amazon at the links that are just added in the article :)

    1. To clarify, the SG release is only for the Freedom. The X3 release date is still to be confirmed.

    2. Hello Stephen,
      Thank you for the fast reply!
      I am looking for the X3, and seems like my only choice is to buy online since there's no news on it in SG.

      I've been looking for it online and in the shops. I found the X2 to be cheapest on Moby site. Everywhere else seems standard $219+-

      Anyways, thanks again!

    3. @Alisma - No problem :) If you're interested in the X2, you can also check out what we have at sg.carousell.com/audiosplitz/

  3. hi stephen. Where can i get the X3 in Singapore? Is it out already?

    1. Hi, it has not hit Singapore as yet. It's only in the US right now.

  4. X3 available in sg now?

    1. Still not as yet. The current flagship in SG is the Freedom

    2. Logitech just informed that the SG X3 release will be somewhere between end-March to early-April.


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