Samsung Gear IconX - In The Test Labs

July 27, 2016

In mid-July, Samsung launched the Gear IconX, their first venture into the truly wireless in-ears domain, in Singapore. Full wireless buds are all the rage in 2016 with around 10 or more manufacturers looking keen to set this new audio category alight. We took a first look in early June when we caught wind of this. Now that we've got our hands on the SGD 298 unit, we took some quick shots of the product.
Samsung Gear IconX - Packaging

We will go into an in-depth review subsequently.

There are 3 color variants - Black, White and Blue, of which we were provided the last.
Samsung Gear IconX - Blue Packaging

We popped the bottom open and slid out the inner box.
Samsung Gear IconX - Blue Packaging

Lifting the bottom tab gives access to the user guide and...
Samsung Gear IconX - User Guide

one layer further down lie the rest of the accessories.
Samsung Gear IconX - Blue Packaging

Spilling out the packaging contents reveals:

  • Samsung Gear IconX buds
  • Charging capsule
  • Silicon tips (S /M /L)
  • Fins (S/ M /L)
  • USB connector
  • Charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
Samsung Gear IconX - Blue Packaging Contents

The Samsung buds are 12.6 grams, meatier than the 3.5g Earin tested previously but seriously, they really don't weigh you down significantly once slotted in the ears.  
Samsung Gear IconX - Blue

The charging unit allows the buds to be stored and charged simultaneously. If you are familiar with Bragi Dash or the Here Active Listening System, it's construct is similar. There are 2 LEDs on the front - red shows charging is in progress, green when full while blinking red indicates a need to charge the charging unit itself.

The technology integrated within these really small buds is quite impressive - ambient sound mode, inbuilt 4GB memory and touch controls all supported by a very useful Samsung Gear app. More on this when the review is out.
Samsung Gear IconX - Blue Charging Case

Performance + Overall
We will talk more about fit, noise isolation and sound quality this once we test these buds out more comprehensively. 

Update (21 Aug 2016)
We have finally run our tests. Whew. Read on for our comprehensive review!

Where To Buy
If you thought that our review of the Samsung Gear IconX was helpful, feel free to support us by buying from Amazon. Now going for USD 149, here are the affiliate links for the Black , White and Blue variants. 

Credit to Samsung for an evaluation unit.

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  1. Replies
    1. It is designed for Android 4.4+. However, I was testing with an iPhone 6S (without installing the app) yesterday and it appears to pair and function properly.


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