IFA 2016 - Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1 Launch

September 02, 2016

1 Sep - While IFA 2016 gets into gear over in Berlin, Bang & Olufsen simultaneously announced the launch of the BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 speaker systems today at Space Furniture Asia Hub in Singapore. 
bang & olufsen beosound 1 launch Singapore

In a nutshell:
BeoSound 1 - Portable wireless speaker system
BeoSound 2 - More powerful wired speaker 
bang & olufsen beosound 1 and beosound 2

Let's look at the former, which is the more mobile of the two.

What's The Big Deal?
1. Design
The BeoSound 1 weighs 3.5kg, measures 32.7 (w) x 16.2 (h) and is designed by Torsten Valeur and David Lewis. It looks very futuristic (and phallic undoubtedly) and is made of high-grade aluminum. Playback control is through a touch panel and rotatable dial on top. There's even a proximity sensor to allow uniform operation of the touch panel from any direction
bang & olufsen beosound 1

2. Sound
The 360 degree sound spreads audio in all directions. The folks from the media (myself included) had the chance to experience U2's Every Breaking Wave and it sounds mightily awesome. 
The speaker supports multi-room audio. In plain English, this means you can play different music in different rooms or the same music throughout the house with BeoLink Multiroom products (other B&O speakers or even TVs) with the controls via the BeoMusic app.
bang & olufsen beosound 1

3. Streaming Formats
Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and QPlay are integrated. This means you can just connect to your Wi-Fi network for music playback directly without your phone or tablet device. 
bang & olufsen beosound 1

4. Portable
It's a device that can be plugged in or if unplugged, goes with 16 hours of power when listening at a moderate level. It supports Bluetooth, Google Cast, AirPlay and DLNA for a decent range of connectivity options. 
bang & olufsen beosound 1

Pricing and Availability
B&O mentioned both units will be available from October 2016 at Bang & Olufsen Hyatt Singapore and selected retail outlets at the following (eye-popping) pricings:
BeoSound 1 - SGD 2200
BeoSound 2 - SGD 2850

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