Sony MZ-E90 - Compact Beauty

December 01, 2013

On a whim, I've decided to republish the material I had put online in May 2003.

Can you believe it?

That is like 10 years ago.

I was still a poor student in the middle of my university days. Now, I am paper pusher attempting to put a few pennies into the pocket.

To make things simple, I'm copying and pasting my unadulterated post from then. Has my writing style changed much? You be the judge. Ok, here goes folks:

May 2003

For the record, my model is one of the best designed players to emerge. Mine is a white model with a bluish-green arrow in the centre. It is simply beautiful when you see it!

Sony MZ-E90
Dimensions78.4 x 13.5 x 71.5 mm
Batt Life:Playback
Ni-MH21 hr
AA Batt31 hr
Both56 hr
Weight70g (113g pocket weight)

I visited Japan in April 2001 so I managed to view the beauty of the country. Of course, I had to visit the electronic districts as is after all the land of technology! So off I went to see those abundant 7 story blocks littered around Tokyo which contain everything electronic you can think of. Computer hardware, software, Playstations, DVD Systems and of course MDs!

So at one of these 7 story blocks, one could see all these fascinating MDs which you cannot find in Singapore. Sharp, Sony and Panasonic are definitely dominating the market there. I got myself some of the BIT CLUB MD discs which are the 'designer' discs 'cos they look a lot better than those that are simply coloured.

Anyway, I noticed that a certain MD player was going for ¥15900 which translated to about $240. That was a relative bargain considering its price in Singapore. And so, I got myself the E90.

I was stunned when I felt the model. It was feather light compared to all other models I'd previously owned! It was also so compact and slim that I was wondering when I got the box if there was really an MD inside.  The Sony MZ-E90 is a true technological marvel. The battery life of the model was also far better than all my previous MDs. Of course, one has to consider that it was just a player whereas my other models were all recorders.

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