Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless - A First Look

July 13, 2015

Earlier this month, Bowers & Wilkins announced the launch of the P5 Wireless, looking very much similar to its wired sibling, the P5 Series 2. According to manufacturer specs, the battery life lasts a decent 17 hours by charging via a standard micro-USB cable. 

What's So Special?
Let's break down the points:

1. First Bluetooth headphones - Yup, this is the company's maiden attempt at Bluetooth headphones. 

2. aptX codec - These headphones support CD quality audio over Bluetooth, provided your player supports aptX of course.

3. Sound quality? - This is a question mark for it is untested. However, if the sound is anything like the wired P5, we have ourselves a very solid pair of cans.

As of July 2015, the unit is available at local dealers in Singapore via distributor, The Experts Group.
A rather pricey SGD 690. 
To put things in perspective, the P7 Mobile Headphones is in practically the same price range at SGD 684. Incredibly, the wired B&W P5 Series 2 Mobile Headphones is almost 200 bucks less so it is crystal clear a premium is being put on the wireless functionality. 

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