Jaybird X2 Wireless - First Look

August 16, 2015

This week saw the launch of the Jaybird X2 Wireless, the latest offering in an increasingly popular type of portable music wear - Sports In-Ears. Jaybird ups the ante by improving their Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones with the X2. And yes, they are still sweat proof.

Update (28 Aug 2015) 
The full review is now out - Jaybird X2 Wireless

What's So Special
1. A secure fit -
One of the distinct features of Jaybirds are the patented ear fins. The X2 can be fitted in either over-ears or the more conventional under-ears style, depending on comfort level. They come with - get this - 3 sets of ear fins, 3 sets of silicone tips and 3 sets of foam tips. That's helluva lot of permutations to experiment with.
2. Diminutive size -
Jaybird claims the X2 are the smallest Bluetooth headphones in the world. That's no mean feat and but we can agree its weight of 13g is very very light.
3. Shift codec -
According to Jaybird, they developed their own codec "for decoding the audio with an enhanced bit rate". This is through a custom implementation of the Bluetooth SBC codec "which offers high fidelity without needing aptX". Beyond the marketing talk, this would definitely arouse some curiosity as to how good the sound quality is. 
4. 8 hour battery life -
The number doesn't sound too significant when matched to its headphone counterparts. However, for sports earphones, this is pretty good when you look at units like the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 that clocks 4.5 hours. A 2 hour charge will get an 8 hour battery life for music/calls.
No news on Singapore availability as yet though we're checking with Jaybird. However, they ship internationally via Fedex. 

They come in 6 colors - Fire, Midnight, Ice, Charge, Storm and Alpha. While some colors sound intuitive enough, we'll leave you to figure out what the rest look like.

These buds are priced at USD 179.95 (SGD 253). 

We'll see if we can get a unit for a test run.

Update (26 Aug 2015) 
We have gotten an X2 Wireless unit! Thanks to Jaybird for this. We will post a full review shortly.

Update (28 Aug 2015) 
The full review is now out - Jaybird X2 Wireless

We are now selling on audiosplitz!
(but only within Singapore for now)

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