Klipsch's New Reference X-series

November 21, 2015

Just a week back, Klipsch launched a flurry of 4 new products in its in-ear X-series lineup catering to iOS users. 

What's So Special?
We check out how Klipsch continues to push the boundaries of sound for wired in-ears.
L to R: X6i, XR8i, X12i, X20i

1. X20i - Flagship model
i. Audiophile Grade - Klipsch claims that the X20i delivers 'high frequencies with precision and bass that is clear'. Boasting a dual armature design and a high-frequency super tweeter, we await with bated breath for a review unit to assess how good the sound quality really is. 

Update (24 Nov 2015)
We have gotten a Klipsch Reference X20i for an evaluation! Stay tuned for a full review.

Update (19 Dec 2015)
Check out the full review of the Reference X20i.

ii. Design - The X20i weighs a relatively decent 22g given its injection molded steel housing. Screw-type SSMCX coaxial connectors allow for cable interchangeability for added customization.
iii. Noise Isolation and Fit
Based on revised ear canal studies from 300 canal impressions, Klipsch evolved the design of its patented oval ear tips to a narrower design. Apparently, this adds oodles to the X20i's comfort level and the noise isolation.

2. X12i - Successor of Award Winner
The aluminum milled X12i is Klipsch's lightest model at 15g. Powered by an audiophile-grade balanced armature, this carries on the legacy of its predecessor, the X11i.

3. XR8i - Hybrid Monitor
This one's an interesting product. There's always a debate between which driver technology is better for in-ears. The XR8i gives you potentially the best of both worlds - the treble performance of a balanced armature and the bass delivery of a dynamic driver. It weighs 25g and comes clad in a durable zinc housing.

4. X6i - Affordable Choice
Carrying on the legacy of its dynamic driver R6i in ear sibling, the X6i uses a balanced armature for better clarity in sound delivery. The 18g unit also comes in a zinc housing and is offered in black and white variants.

Only the X20i and XR8i will be available in Singapore at the following pricing. The other two will be announced in time to come.
X20i - SGD 999 (USD 549)
X12i - USD 349
XR8i - SGD 469 (USD 279)
X6i - USD 179
Tat Chuan Acoustic, the Klipsch distributor, mentioned that two models will be available in Singapore at select retailers such as Stereo, Tangs and iStudio at Changi Airport by the following dates.
X20i - In the week of 23 Nov 2015
XR8i - By end-Nov 2015
X12i, X6i - To be confirmed

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