Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker - First Look

November 01, 2015

On 26 Oct, Beats started selling the Beats Pill+, making this its first portable Bluetooth speaker launched since the Apple acquistion just over a year back.

What's the Big Deal?
1. Beats Pill+ App 
On 29 Oct, the accompanying mobile app for both iOS and Android (yes, you read Android correctly) was launched. According to the iTunes description, there are 3 modes that can be used.

a. DJ
You can link up with a friend and play music from two Bluetooth sources. While untested, we hope the implementation is made easy for users.

b. Amplify
Two Pill+ speakers can be combined to give a two-way amplified blast of music.

c. Stereo
The two Pill+ speakers can also be configured for left and right channel separation. This is great for a full stereo effect in the great outdoors. 

2. Battery Life
A full 3 hour charge will give 12 hours battery life. The fuel gauge (aka power meter) will indicate a convenient 5 point breakdown of the status.

3. Lightning Connector
These are the first Beats Bluetooth speakers to include a Lightning connector at the back, thus extending Apple's universe of Lightning compatible products. In addition, there is a 3.5mm audio input and a USB port to charge other devices.
4. Sound quality
While we can't test this as yet, Apple touts that the speakers' 'stereo active 2-way crossover system creates an optimized sound field for dynamic range and clarity across all genres of music'. The tweeter and woofer are placed on the outer and inner part of the speakers as can be seen below. 
It's currently priced at USD 229.95 at Apple Store US. We are checking on the Singapore pricing.

While already on sale at Apple Store US, this is not yet available in the Singapore. We're checking on when this can be purchased.

Update (9 Mar 2016)
The Beats Pill+ is available in SG at SGD 348.

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