UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate, Engineered by JBL - First Look

February 13, 2016

CES 2016 saw the introduction of some really nifty new headphones. Harman and Under Armour jointly announced two connected health and fitness technology devices (read: wireless sports earphones). 

They are: 
A) UA Headphones Wireless - Engineered by JBL
B) UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate - Engineered by JBL. 

Let's look at the latter, their flagship model.

What's The Big Deal?

Let's break down the points:

1. Strategic Partnership
JBL partnered with Under Armour (UA) for these Bluetooth buds. UA is all about sports gear, but after buying mobile apps MyFitnessPal at USD 475m and Endomondo for USD 85m, they are now branching into sports earphones! Who'd have known? 

2. Heart Rate Monitor
This is conveniently measured from the ear at the touch of a button. There's no need to pause your jogging to check your phone.

3. Top Standards for Premium Sports Performance
Boasting an IPX5 rating, this is supposedly capable of withstanding sweat and water. JBL claims their Twistlock technology guarantees the earphones won't fall out too easily.
4. Subscription
UA bought over MapMyFitness for USD 150m back in 2013. No surprise that the UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate comes with a 12-month MapMyFitness subscription valued at USD 29.99. It's a great complementary service that allows members to share and analyze above 600 types of fitness activities.

5. Wireless / Battery Life
These Bluetooth earphones are wireless (read: no physical connection to source device). The UA is a clip-on that can last for 5h. For comparison, it's quite in line with the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless (6h) and the Jabra Sport Pace (5h).

The UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate will be going for a cool USD 250 (approx. SGD 351). Pricey it is but not unheard of - think of the Powerbeats2 Wireless (SGD 310).

They will be available by Spring 2016. We are checking with IMS Marketing, the Singapore distributor, when they will hit the shelves in SG.

Update (29 May 2016) 
Check out our full review of the UA Headphones Wireless! They are now available for SGD 289 in selected retail outlets in SG. Alternatively, you can purchase them from Amazon via our Affiliate link at USD 129.
UA Headphones WirelessUSD 129 

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  1. Of all the wireless Earphones
    I have tested, the PTron brand is one of the more original designs I have come across.

  2. The best thing is, there was no wire connecting me to a stereo. Added to this, the music quality was superb. I fear I’ve had many similar experiences cooking, cleaning, tidying and blogging while listening to Chvrches, Lights, Paolo Nutini, Jimi Hendrix and so on. My wife has got used to calling after me and getting no response because I’m listening to music. I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s consider the Headphones. I’m no stranger to JBL’s products having reviewed its Soundfly wireless speaker system. I also had several of its products demonstrated to me at a special event held for dad bloggers a couple of years ago.

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