Erato Muse 5 - First Look

March 06, 2017

Last week saw the launch of the Erato Muse 5 truly wireless earphones in Singapore. Initially announced in late 2016, these buds differentiate from its predecessor, the Erato Apollo 7, by being a more sports-oriented product that has increased emphasis on fit. 

Trivia - Erato is a company with roots coming from the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms. The Muse 5 raised $824,266 from 1,840 backers from the latter.

Type - Truly wireless in-ears
Price - USD 180 / SGD 349

True wireless earbuds hit the mainstream in 2016 as a new product category. Unlike so called 'wireless earphones' that still have a cord linking the left and right buds, these are completely cordless. More information over here - Advent of Truly Wireless Earbuds

So to develop the Muse 5, Erato Audio took in the feedback provided from its first cordless buds, analyzed and refined to develop its 2nd generation of buds.

What's The Big Deal?

1. FitSeal Sleeves
Erato previously used Comply Foam buds (which we found pretty reliable as is) as the point of contact with your ears. They boldly replace this with FitSeal, their own patented solution, to combine with silicon ear tips. FitSeal Sleeves are meant to fit in the outer ear (conch area) and the silicon tips will lodge in the ear canal. The end result is supposedly a customized and hence, better fit within the ear. 

2. Magnetic Charging Case
The case doubles as storage and charger. The charger itself is charged through a micro-USB cable and once full, it can power the Muse 5 for up to 3 charges. And yes, it's a magnetic cover that latches down.

3. Battery Life
There's 4 hours of playback (or 7h talktime), a 1h bump in performance from the Apollo 7. Given the limited space in true wireless buds, a 30% bump in playback time is very welcome.

4. Surround Sound
The new EratoSurround, basically a digital sound processing tech, is developed to attempt to deliver a soundstage that presents a better simulation of sound and instrumentation distances. 

5. Nanocoating
Interestingly, this feature is almost overlooked. Nanocoating is basically applying a layer to the surface of the product that allows for a basic level of repelling liquid. In Muse 5's case, this allows an IPX5 water resistance rating, which theoretically means it can withstand spray jets. Well, that remains to be seen :)

Pricing and Availability
It comes in four colors at launch - Metallic Black, Rose Gold, Pearl White and Brilliant Blue. 

From the US, they go for USD 180 and you can pre-order them with a 4-6 week lead time at the Erato website. From Singapore, they go for SGD 349 and you can order them from the TC Acoustic website

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