B&O BeoPlay H4 - First Look

February 12, 2017

This week saw the launch of the B&O BeoPlay H4 over-ears headphones. It's a toned down version of their already released BeoPlay H7 and if you don't mind the removal of touch controls, the H4 provides a better value proposition.

Type - Wireless Over-Ears
Price - EUR 299 / USD 299 / SGD 399
B&O BeoPlay H4
B&O BeoPlay H4

Trivia - With this, it appears they are one product away from completing their BeoPlay H-series of headphones products. They already have the H2 to H9. Only the H1 is amiss :)

The Big Deal?

1. Design
Look familiar? That's 'cos it's designed by Jakob Wagner, a regular on B&O's portfolio of industrial designers who has crafted several other BeoPlay H-series audio gear. The materials used range from lambskin leather on the cushions to aluminum and stainless steel. It weighs 235g, considerably lighter than its wireless over-ears peers like the Sony MDR-1ABT (300g).
B&O BeoPlay H4
B&O BeoPlay H4

2. Sound
These headphones come, of course, with B&O's Signature Sound powered from 40mm drivers. You can opt to listen wirelessly through Bluetooth or use the provided 1.2m cable.
B&O BeoPlay H4
B&O BeoPlay H4

3. Battery Life
There's 19 hours of juice from a 2.5 hour charge for wireless playback. It's not the best but gives a more than adequate amount of power given the range of over-ear headphones in the market like the Sony MDR-1ABT (28h) or the Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth (20h).

4. Buttons!
Yes, in an era of touch sensitive controls, tactile buttons can actually be quite refreshing. The controls are lined up on the right side.
B&O BeoPlay H4

Pricing and Availability
It comes in one color at launch - Charcoal Grey. 

It is now available worldwide and will be available in Singapore from 16 Feb 2017 at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya. 

Where To Buy
If you like what you have read on the product, do feel free to support me by buying from Amazon via this affiliate link. Prices start from USD 299.

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