Motorola VerveOnes+ - True Wireless and Waterproof

June 23, 2016

Just a week back (16 June), Motorola launched a slew of 5 earbuds to light up the portable audio space. Headlining the troupe are the VerveOnes+, a pair of true wireless earbuds that are "completely waterproof". 

What's the Big Deal?
These Motorola-branded earbuds are actually developed by Binatone that acquired the exclusive license rights in 2015 to manufacture certain Motorola accessories. 

That said, we see the introduction of the VerveLife family of products namely 5 Bluetooth earphones - 2 truly wireless, 1 sports wireless and 2 neckband buds. In case you are wondering what the '+' is for, it's to mark the sports-centric models where they come with an IP57 rating where there is waterproof protection from sweat and rain.

1. VerveOnes+ True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
USD 249.99 - On Amazon
Headling the products are the VerveOnes+. We have seen some awesome truly wireless earbuds and this potentially ranks right up there, especially with the IP57 waterproofing. You swivel the edge of the black/orange case to unveil the buds that can last 3.5h on music playback and up to 12h with charging from the case. 

The button on each bud is for play / pause and is configurable via the Hubble Connect app.

Let's check out what this can do:

2. VerveOnes True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
USD 199.99
This has the same features as the VerveOnes+ but have no waterproofing.

3. VerveLoop+ Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds
USD 79.99 - On Amazon
This is a sports wireless model where there is a singular cord linking the left to right buds. It offers a top-in-class battery life of 9.5 hours, comes with 4 eartips and 3 ear loop stabilizers for better fit and IP57 waterproofing. 
Like the UA Headphones Wireless, the charge point is on the in-line remote.

4. VerveRider+ 
USD 79.99 - On Amazon 
This is a sports neckband pair of buds where you can sling them comfortably around your neck. 
The buds magnetically latch onto the ring for easy storage and last for a decent 12 hours of music playback.
If you have 'em, flaunt them.

5. VerveRider 
USD 69.99 - On Amazon
This has the same features as the VerveRider+ but has no waterproofing.
All the VerveLife products are supported by the 'Hubble Connect for VerveLife' app that can be downloaded from Apple AppStore or Google Play, though note that support extends from iOS 8 / Android 4.4.4 and above. In case you misplace your buds, the app will help to locate their last location. How neat is that?

They're supposed to be up for sale on 16 June on the VerveLife storeThey currently can't be purchased in Singapore. However, you can support us by getting them via the respective Amazon affiliate links below:

VerveOnes+ USD 249.99 
VerveLoop+ USD 79.99
VerveRider+ USD 79.99
VerveRider   USD 69.99 

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