Loewe Speaker 2go - Review

October 28, 2016

Loewe is a proud German luxury brand with a rich history in building quality television for close to 100 years. This no doubt served as a platform to build up products like the Loewe Speaker 2go (EUR 300 / SGD 499), one extremely sturdy portable speaker, which we now review.

Pros (+): Rich and powerful sound delivery; Good sound quality.
Cons (-): Not the most portable of speaker options.

The Speaker 2go comes in 2 variants - Aluminum Silver and Aluminum Black of which we got the latter. 

Upon receiving the box (there's a whole lot of text there to clearly identify Loewe as a German company :), we popped open the top lid to spill out the contents.

The packaging contents include:

  • Loewe Speaker 2go
  • AC charging cable 
  • Travel adapters
  • Audio cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm)
  • Carrying pouch

For a portable speaker, the Loewe Speaker 2go measures 240 x 105 x 51 mm and weighs relatively hefty 1.3kg. It can be flexibly used wirelessly at house parties or picnics or if you want to place it in your bedroom, we'd recommend connecting the AC adapter. Within the aluminum grill lie 2 full range speakers and 1 bass reflex speaker.

The carrying pouch serves as a minimal, but effective, protective layer against scratches. It's tied with a drawstring and held in place by 2 plastic cord locks. 

The button selection lines the top. It features volume adjustment, call pickup, Bluetooth pairing and the power button. A nice touch that makes the volume intensity visually clear are 6 LED indicators comprising 4 tiers of light intensities each that make up 24 volume levels. 

On the left lies the Near Field Communications (NFC) point that provides ease of pairing with your NFC-enabled smartphone. If you don't have NFC, fret not as you can initiate pairing via the Bluetooth button.

The table stand flex lies at the bottom. This serves to prop the front of the speakers and direct sound upward. It's very useful when you're putting the Loewe on lower ground such as your room floor. 

The connections line the rear. There's a power switch, a power-in for the AC adapter, the auxiliary-in for playback from other devices and a USB jack to charge a smartphone (if you so choose). 

I placed in in various locations throughout my house. The Loewe is powered by 40W and it shows. What can be said is the Loewe Speaker 2go boasts a really powerful sound for its frame. Even at the volume level of 5 out of 24, it is more than capable of filling up at 15 square meter room. No problem there. I tried upping the ante to level to the max but I had to stop increasing the volume at the midway mark 'cos the sound was exceptionally strong and enveloping even within the living room space. 

The sound quality is great, no doubt helped by aptX support promising a CD-like sound over Bluetooth. Another portable speaker we had on hand (which I emphasize is much smaller in size) was the Bose SoundLink Mini II and the Bose was clearly tuned for bass. For the Loewe, there is no bass nor treble emphasis when playing tracks like Sarah Cracknell's dreamy In The Dark or Solarstone's trance anthem Seven Cities. The sound is wonderful with very little distortion, at least when I upped the volume 'til the mid-point. 

The battery life of the integrated Lithium Polymer battery (2 x 1250mAh) is 8 hours, though I roughly got 6 when I played different sound sources. The Power LED is white above 25% power and glows red when it is time for charging (below 25%). When the AC adapter is connected, the music plays on continuously as you please.

The Loewe Speaker 2go, while being a couple of years old, is still a relevant and solid product to behold. Its weight is indeed a little hefty but it's a good choice if you want pair of speakers with a powerful sound delivery to bring to your hotel room on overseas trips or to place in your bedroom. It also helps that the sound quality is agreeably well balanced.

Credit to Loewe and Atlas for a review unit.

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