2017 - Expectations For The Year

January 26, 2017

Kia Ora everyone!

Just two weeks back, I came back from one incredible journey - A 63 day visit to Aotearoa, or commonly known as New Zealand. Needless to say, it was an eventful trip where I got the chance to experience a whole different culture with my family.

While the journey was packed, we had the chance to visit different places and absorb each town's culture. We experienced everything from the Kaikoura Earthquake, a change in Prime Minister to the festivities of the New Year period. 

With that, I am now back in Singapore, at the tail end of January but in time for Chinese New Year, and have decided to set some expectations for the upcoming year. 

Number 1
I have decided to start a new blog called nzfamilytravel.blogspot.com to share the full experience with others while my mind is still fresh. In addition to the full breakdown of what we did during 63 days, I will go into accommodation reviews, the planning process, car rental selection, etc. Do feel free to visit should you be planning a road trip to New Zealand.

Number 2
audiosplitz.com will diversify to include digital marketing related articles. While I love music, I am equally passionate about search engine optimization (SEO) and web analytics. Basically, how / what people search when they are online and how it drives conversions. Audio hardware reviews and news will continue but there will be a reduction in the scope. 

Now I'll give one reason why. Not two. I could but I won't. Just one. And I'll talk about it from the audio side of things :) 

During my NZ trip, I listened to all the latest hits on the car radio like Clean Bandit's Rockabye and Charlie Puth's Dangerously and it was honestly quite refreshing. Shocking as it may come across, it is something I hadn't done in some time. My song selection when reviewing audio products somehow remained relatively constant in comparison to the songs being pushed out on radio each day. After all, when testing two or three headphones, you likely need a constant music source type as a basis to set a comparison. I realized that the very hard focus on headphone reviews needed to be spread out a little to broaden my perspective of things.

Basically, I am saying that diversification will be the focus for me this year. So it will be the creation of one new travel website nzfamilytravel.blogspot.com and the addition of digital marketing content to audiosplitz.com

What are your expectations? Feel free to give me a buzz.

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