Sony NW-WS623 Walkman - First Look

May 03, 2017

Sony is no stranger to waterproof earbuds. They continually refine their products as we see here today with their new NW-WS623 Walkman (SGD 199). While it looks practically the same as the WS413 that we reviewed last year, they added a long-desired feature called (*drumroll*) Bluetooth! Here are our first impressions.

What's the Big Deal?

1. Bluetooth
Damn right. While it's a feature that's in practically every wireless pair of earphones, the previous iteration did not need it as there was 4GB of memory built within to use when swimming. However, Bluetooth is always a good to have feature especially if you enjoy jogging while streaming from Spotify. These earbuds can link to your phone through NFC too.

2. The Best Features Remain
Generally, the noteworthy features of its predecessor remain for the WS623. It's a 32 gram unit with a 12 hour battery life and an ambient sound mode that allows you to toggle between good noise isolation and keeping in touch with environmental sounds. It's still waterproof and dustproof and looks mighty decent.

3. Earbuds Provided
Like its predecessor, the WS623 does not skimp on earbuds. There's 8 pairs of buds - 4 pairs for swimming purposes (a silicon layer covers the hole where music is channeled) and 4 for conventional usage. Oh, and they're all color coded to prevent confusion.

Pricing and Availability
Sony NW-WS623 (4GB) - This will be available from Sony Stores worldwide in May 2017 for USD 148SGD 199. The colors will be Lime Green / Blue / Grayish White / Black.

Sony NW-WS625 (16GB) - This looks the same as the WS623. The difference is its increased storage and the addition of a remote commander that can be fit on your finger. Instead of adjusting the controls located around your head, you just hit the control on your finger. Together, it goes for USD 198.

Who's It For?
This Sony WS623 is SGD 50 more than the WS413 but you'll have to consider your expected usage to see if it makes sense. If you swim lots, the WS413 is quite sufficient but if you reckon you spend more time streaming music from your phone for normal usage like jogging / commuting, the WS623 is hands down the unit to choose from. 

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