Klipsch x Logan Singapore Promo

July 10, 2017

Indianapolis-based Klipsch has collaborated with Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel to deliver the powerful (and heart-thumping) audio experience of Logan through their X-Series earphones. In case you've been living under a rock in 2017, Logan is the 10th installment in the X-Men film series and the 3rd Wolverine movie. It's a helluva show, even as a standalone, and it's now out on Blu-Ray.
Klipsch X Logan

That said, Klipsch is holding a Klipsch x Logan promotion for its Reference X-Series earphones until 14 August 2017 in Singapore. 

Now, the Reference X-Series earphones, namely the X20i, X12i, X6i, XR8i, have been out since late 2015. If you're not too familiar with these, fret not! Here is our coverage that you can check out.
Read - Klipsch's New Reference X-Series
Read - Klipsch Reference X12i - Review
Read - Klipsch Reference X20i - New In-Ear Flagship
Klipsch Reference X6i, XR8i, X12i and X20i
L to R: X6i, XR8i, X12i and X20i

What Are The Details of the Promo?

1. TC Acoustic Showroom - Mystery Gift
Just purchase any of the Klipsch X-series earphones, namely the X20i, X12i, XR8i, X6i, from the TC Acoustic Showroom and you'll get a mystery gift in the form of Logan merchandise. 

2. Webstore - 15% Off
If you purchase from the webstore, you can get a 15% discount off these four earphones. The link is as follows - https://store.tcacoustic.com.sg
Let's break down the promo prices for simplicity.

Klipsch Reference X20i 
SGD 849 (Usual - SGD 999)

Klipsch Reference X12i 

SGD 509 (Usual - SGD 599)

Klipsch Reference XR8i 
SGD 399 (Usual - SGD 469)

Klipsch Reference X6i
SGD 279 (Usual - SGD 329)

3. Warranty Sign Up - Sweepstakes
Once you buy any of the units, do register for the warranty at this link (tcacoustic.com.sg/warranty-contact/) and you'll automatically enter a sweepstakes to win a separate gift. 

And finally, do note that the mystery gifts from the TC Acoustic Showroom and the warranty sign up are good while stocks last. 

Have We Tested These Buds Yet?
We've tried the Reference X20i quite a while back. Once you break into it, you can really start to appreciate the nuances in the sound that audiophiles tend to veer towards. Check out our review here

We'll be bringing the Reference X12i (Klipsch have kindly provided a unit) for a spin and will give you our impressions of these buds soon!

Update (24 Jul 2017):
Read - Klipsch Reference X12i review
Klipsch Reference X12i

In the meanwhile, here is a comparison of the ratings of the buds, according to the Klipsch website. 
Klipsch Reference X6i, XR8i, X12i and X20i comparison

Credit to Klipsch for the review unit. 

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  1. Klipsch makes great looking earphones that has impressive sound quality. I got a Klipsch earphones a year ago from an online distributor, and until now, the earphones still works perfectly.


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