Pioneer Rayz Plus - First Impressions

May 24, 2018

Pioneer is a brand intrinsically linked to hi-fi and car audio systems, with developments in the portable audio product range. Their new product, the Pioneer Rayz Plus smart noise canceling earbuds marks an interesting proposition for Apple users. This is one of the few Lightning cabled audio devices which have a smart feature-set that differentiates from its peers. Here are our first impressions of the Rayz Plus.

Type - Smart Noise Canceling Wired Earbuds
Price - USD 59.99 / SGD 209

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Target Users
Strictly iPhone / iPad users who want noise canceling earbuds with nifty smart features.

What's the Deal on These?

1. Smart Noise Canceling
The Pioneer Rayz Plus is marketed to adapt noise canceling to your ears through calibration via the smart button. It's interesting as others either have a on/off or different tiers of noise canceling levels but this is just a single button that adapts based on your environmental noise. If you choose to customize the smart button, you can fiddle with this by installing the Rayz app on App Store.  

2. Lightning Earphones
As a Lightning earphone, the plug has another purpose other than audio transmission from your iPhone / iPad. Other noise canceling earphones always have a battery pack hidden somewhere for purposes of powering the noise canceling feature. The Rayz Plus does not need this as the power is drawn directly from your iOS device. 

3. Smart Sensing
There's a few areas to cover here - 
One is when the buds are in your ears, the music plays. Once you lift them out, it autostops. Simple and practical. 
Second is when you make a call and you talk. Once you stop talking, the mic will auto mute.
Interestingly, there's a plethora of other options available when you install the Rayz app. We've just scratched the surface.

4. Talk and Charge 
The Rayz Plus offers an added feature over its sibling (called Rayz) - the ability to charge your iOS device through an integrated charging port located close to the Lightning port. You simply plug your Lightning charger to the port while the earphones are in use and boom, charging is in progress.

5. Voice Commands
The Rayz Plus is able support automatic voice recognition and hence 'Hey Siri' commands are available in the event the buttons on the in-line remote aren't able to fulfil your needs. 

In the wired space, innovations are being pushed and the Pioneer Rayz Plus is a good example of this. We've seen conventional noise canceling earphones but this pushes the boundaries with interesting features that make these stand apart from traditional options available.

Price & Availability
Three colors (Rose Gold, Graphite, Bronze) have been launched in February 2018 in Singapore at USD 59.99 / SGD 209.  

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  1. I have been waiting for this kind of product for a long time. Pioneer has nailed it with a great list of features and delivers on what they claim these earphones will do. I also own Apple AirPods, Beats X earphones, Bose QC20 noise-cancelling earphones and Bose QC 15 over-ear noise cancelling headphones so I have a broad range of other products to compare to.

  2. Pretty happy with these! They sound great and the App allows me to tweak the EQ to accommodate some hearing loss ... so they REALLY sound great!


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