Sony Just ear XJE-MH1 - Audio Nirvana?

May 26, 2015

It's official - Sony is going for broke with high quality sound. 

With the introduction of the High Resolution Audio-branded Walkman (NWZ-ZX1) in early 2014 and its successor, the NW-ZX2, Sony has now introduced a pair of earphones to complement these quality devices and provide the other custom in-ear monitor manufacturers a run for their money. 

What's So Special?
The idea around the Just ear XJE-MH1 is to optimize the music listening experience by getting a custom earpiece made for your ears. Your ear measurements are taken upon purchase, after which the unit is delivered to you.

The whole set of specs is available at the Japanese microsite with some help from Google Translate. What you can take away is that it comes fitted with a hybrid 2-way driver unit with balanced armature. Again, these are just specs. They don't translate to quality music unless you try them yourself.

It was announced at the end of April 2015 that the unit is available for advance orders. 

The price for the privilege of its use? A wallet-busting  ¥300,000 (SGD 3,300).

Should you want something more affordable, the XJE-MH2, which comes with 3 default sound presets, goes for a cool ¥200,000 (SGD 2,200).

I'm a little skeptic on whether this earpiece warrants the price but let's see how this fares once some folks lay their paws on a pair.

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