Sennheiser CX 5.00 - Classic Design

June 09, 2015

I was able to test out the CX 5.00G in-ear earphones, priced at SGD 139, thanks to the folks in Sennheiser. The version I laid my hands on was the Samsung Galaxy compatible pair (identifiable by the 'G' appended to the product name). The Apple iOS friendly units are labeled CX 5.00i and are similarly priced.

2 year warranty? Hell yea.
The retail packaging measures a very compact 302 x 282 x 278mm. Opening the seal at the bottom allows you access to the inner foam packaging and the quick start guide. Pulling out the foam enclosure will reveal a compact and elegant white plastic casing housing the earphones proper. A total of 4 different sizes of ear tips come in the box. 
A simple design that exudes class.
The CX 5.00 is a classy pair of earphones and has an aesthetic that can grow on you. The feel of the 1.2m elliptical cable is more premium than their usual thin cable offerings and a welcome variation from the (practically mainstream) flat type cables. On one end, you get a very solidly designed L-shaped 3.5mm jack and on the other, the ear pieces, adorned with a faux-chrome finishing, are rather nicely angled for your ears. When placed on your ears, the in-line remote sits on the right side of the Y-cord.
You can attach an additional set of earpieces and the L-shaped jack at the back of the enclosure.
This is the first Sennheiser pair of Android-compatible in-ears I have tried without the annoying volume slider / dial and you know what? This is a great arrangement. The Sennheiser CX 5.00 earphones sport an in-line remote containing a microphone and 3 increasingly standard buttons for Android - volume up, Play/Pause and volume down respectively. 
Playback and calls. We get the idea
During playback, tapping the Play/Pause button twice allows skipping of tracks which it delivers effectively. Taking calls and stopping them is done by a single press. The actuation of the buttons is quite satisfying and responds well to each press made. 

Cable rustling is heard when walking but not too pronounced as the cable is rather lightweight. If the rustle annoys, you can get a separate clip to lock the cable down to your shirt.
A 3 button remote. Android lovers rejoice!
These are a really comfortable pair of in-ears. I have tried these on my ears for hours (walking, sitting) and I never felt the weight nor do they feel overly constricted in the ear.

The audio quality is better than the average run-of-the-mill earphones provided with your smartphones. As with most earphones, some time is needed to break in for a more optimized audio experience. After a few days of usage, a sampling of Utada Hikaru's Fight The Blues, produced clear vocals but fell a little short of my personal preference of a brighter and crisper sound. Fourplay's build up just before the minute mark of Bali Run is laden with an overdose of bass though somehow, the overall effect is that the sound is warm and competent.

The classy and comfortable design of these Sennheisers is a welcome change from prior models. Android users will welcome the integration of dedicated 3 button in-line remotes built for compatible phones such as the Samsung Galaxy range.
Package contents and USPs
Audio Sources:
Fight The Blues - Utada Hikaru (ALAC) on iPod nano gen 2 
Bali Run - Fourplay (192kbps MP3) on Samsung Galaxy S4

Updated on 23 July:
Additional photos.

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