Parrot Zik 3 - First Look

September 19, 2015

The highly anticipated Parrot Zik 3 was launched on Sep 4 at IFA 2015. It still weighs a hefty 270g but has added some improvements to its predecessor's already advanced technological arsenal of features.

What's the Big Deal (if you're new to Parrot Zik)?

1. Designed by Starck
Yup, these Bluetooth cans are all about style. While the look is similar to the Zik 2.0, there is now an overstich design and a wider range of colors to choose from.

2. Adaptive Noise Control
The multiple microphones detect outside noise in different sound environments to supposedly deliver a great noise-canceling experience.

3. Smart Controls
The Zik 3.0 has this nifty feature called the headset detector. Just remove the headphones and the music pauses. This is in addition to the touch controls for playback on the right cup.

4. Smartphone App
The app includes a 5 band equalizer to play with and presets that are defined by artists to 'listen to music as the artists intended'. 

What's the Big Deal (if you're upgrading from Zik 2.0)?

1. Wireless Charging
Thumbs up as the wireless charger comes as part of the packaging contents. You get a better idea how it works from this picture.

2. USB Audio
There is an integrated digital analog converter which gives the promise of even better audio playback. 

3. Smartwatch apps
What you did with the smartphone app previously can now be done on your smartwatch, be it the Apple Watch or Android Wear.
It comes in 7 color variations. Half have the overstich design while the rest come with a grainy leather texture.
Expect its worldwide release to be at the end of 2015.
Nothing is known as yet though it's a safe assumption that it will be in the SGD 589 range of the Parrot Zik 2.0. 

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  3. The Zik 3.0 has this nifty feature called the headset detector.Just remove the headphones and the music pauses.This is in addition to the touch controls for playback on the right cup.

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