V-Moda Crossfade Wireless - First Look

September 25, 2015

Earlier this month, V-Moda finally joined the ranks of wireless headphones with the introduction of the Crossfade Wireless. If you liked the Crossfade M-100 headphones, these look like its identical twin minus the cables. 

Some background first - These over-ears weigh 292g and have a 12 hour battery life on a 2 hour charge. Now let's dive in to see what makes this unit so special.

What's The Big Deal?

1. First Wireless Effort
Did we already mention this? Like an increasing number of manufacturers like Bowers & Wilkins, V-Moda is clearly seeing the potential of wireless music. For its convenience, we wholeheartedly embrace this too!

2. Durability
Everything about the way it looks already screams how solid it is. To reinforce the notion, the specs talk about a steel frame, headband and that it is tested beyond 'military-level quality MIL-STD-810 test standards'. As for the exoskeleton casing, apart from its hardiness, this looks really alien and you either love it or hate it.

3. Sound Quality
This is a no brainer but it's probably the most important feature of a pair of headphones. Does this deliver? We don't know as this is just a first look :). Interestingly, this supports only the Bluetooth SBC codec implying there's no aptX support for CD-quality music. Specs aside, if it's anywhere close to the M-100 sound, then this may be a pretty decent pair.

4. Shields Design
The shields are essentially the ear cup covers. According to V-Moda, they are 3D sculpted in Italy and printed in NYC. Here's a sample of their funky design: 

There are some exotic sounding colors here - Gunmetal Black, Phantom Chrome, Rouge and White Silver.

Package contents include the Crossfade, casing, USB cable, audio cable and carabiner clip. Apart from the clip, the rest of the items are standard fare for Bluetooth headphones.

Its wired sibling cost USD 310 when first released and the Crossfade Wireless actually costs less at USD 300! Astounding eh? They of course dropped the price of the M-100 to USD 270 for better differentiation.

You can get a second pair of shields with an online purchase through their website

We are currently checking on Singapore pricing and availability from iFactory. 

Update (25 Sep 2015)
According to iFactory, V-Moda's distributor for Singapore, the Crossfade Wireless will be available from 1 Oct 2015 at SGD 489. White Silver and Phantom Chrome will be the initial set of available colors. The other colors will follow at a later date. 

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