IFA 2015 - Onkyo W800BT - Truly Wireless Earphones

September 14, 2015

Announced at IFA 2015, Onkyo boasts what is probably the world's first truly wireless in-ear earphones. This is the result of a partnership with audio group, Gibson Innovations.

What's So Special
1. Completely Wireless
The Onkyo W800BT are a pair of completely wireless Bluetooth earphones. What this means is that there is not even a wire that connects the left and right earbuds.

2. Carrying Case
When the earbuds are placed in the carrying case, this actually doubles as the charging case. Just connect the USB plug to a power source to start the charge.

3. Microphone Included
There's no in-line remote but the right side integrates a microphone to allow you to make calls. Incredible given its diminutive size.

4. Battery Life
You are getting 12 hours of music. Compared to some sports wireless in-ears (with a connecting cord), such as the Jaybird X2 Wireless (8h) and Jabra Sport Coach (5.5h), this is a very agreeable number and more so given the W800BT is totally wireless.

They will retail sometime in November 2015. We are checking with the local distributor, Hwee Seng if this is the same for Singapore.

They go for EUR 300. We are checking with Hwee Seng on local pricing.

Update (1 Oct 2015)
According to Hwee Seng, Onkyo's Singapore distributor, they are currently not intending to sell this particular unit in Singapore.

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