Earin - Wireless Earbuds Launched

December 28, 2015

Kickstarter is a great place to check out what cool gadgets are being built. Earin is one such project. Conceptualized in June 2014, it currently has funding closed with more than 8000 backers that have pledged close to £1m to get it to succeed. They now have a working product and 22 Dec saw the launch of the product on Singapore shores. While we eagerly await a review unit, let's see what this has to offer.

What's The Big Deal?

1. Truly Wireless
This embodies what 'wireless' really means. Bluetooth wireless earphones usually come with a cord connecting the left and right earbuds but in this case, there is not even such a cable. This year, we have seen similar products emerge such as Onkyo's working prototype, the Truebuds and the Bragi Dash. However, Earin is the very first we've seen to start sales.

2. Weight
3.5g. This is pretty darn light. It's all the more impressive when you consider the lightest Bluetooth earphones are around 13g like the Jaybird X2 Wireless.

3. Charging
Its storage capsule doubles as a device to protect the Earin earphones and as a 600mAh charger. The 42g capsule just takes 75 minutes to charge and provides up to 9h charge for the Earin. This is great considering that the earbuds can only last for up to 3h of stereo playback.

4. App-driven
There's an accompanying iOS / Android / Windows Phone app. This apparently can allow extended play time and enables mono playback, where you can use one earbud while charging the other. Stay tuned for a review that will give clearer insight on its implementation.

This will go for SGD 349. There's a delivery charge of SGD 9 though this is waived when self-collecting. As it's a first in the market, there's no benchmark to compare but needless to say, with new technology, the price will start high for early adopters.

The Earin was launched on 22 Dec exclusively on www.truewireless.sg by Leader Radio Technologies, its Singapore distributor.

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