LG TONE Hits Singapore

December 04, 2015

3 Dec - LG held the launch of its successful LG TONE Bluetooth headphones in Singapore. According to The NPD Group, in terms of headphone sales for 2014, LG rounded up the list of top 5 brands. This is no mean feat when you consider that the companies ranked above LG are the likes of Beats, Bose and Sony. 

The killer product in question is its space-age looking TONE series which they claim has hit a staggering sales number of 10 million thus far since 2010.

Summary of the Launch

LG launched 3 TONE earphones in the Singapore market - 1 of which is totally new and 2 which are already available but are being re-introduced. All are aptX compatible which promise "near CD quality" sound.

1. LG TONE Active (HBS-850)
We have gotten a unit for a product review (stay tuned!) but in the meanwhile, let's check out some unique selling points of the TONE Active.

Update (26 Jan 2016)
Check out the LG TONE Active full review!

i. Sport-Centric
How do you improve the already popular TONE series? Simply introduce a sports model. This unit is resistant to water and sweat (IPX3 rated). They include stabilizer tips (lying in between your collar) for a more secure fit.

ii. Retractable Earbuds
Once the TONE Active is put around the neck, the earbuds can be stretched and retracted for easy storage. This cord management is similar across other LG TONE earphones.

iii. Bluetooth 4.1 / Battery Life 
As per other TONE models, this comes with Bluetooth capability. It claims a music playback time of 9.5 hours and talktime of 13 hours. In terms of playback, it's slightly less than the other TONE units but better than other sports models (though admittedly heftier).

iv. Color Variants
In line with the sports branding, there are 4 sprightly colors to choose from - Lime, Orange, Blue and Pink.

2. LG TONE Infinim (HBS-900)
LG's top-of-the-line TONE model is the Infinim. It boasts Harman / Kardon sound quality, 14 hours of music playback and a fashion-sense to boot, helped by the gloss metallic finishing. And it comes in Black and White options.

3. LG TONE Pro (HBS-760)
The base model is the TONE Pro. It plays music for 10.5 hours and runs on the Bluetooth v4.1. They are affordable at SGD 109 and styled in Black and Red options.


The LG TONE Active is available as of 3 Dec while the TONE Infinim and TONE Pro are already in stores. 

In terms of pricing, they are tiered as follows:
LG TONE Infinim - SGD 209
LG TONE Active - SGD 189
LG TONE Pro - SGD 109

The series can be found in Singapore at EpiCentre, Challenger, Newstead, Courts, Sprint-Cass, Decibel, Soundwave, Mustafa, Moby, SixFive, The Headphone Gallery and online at Lazada and Headphone.sg.  

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