Euro 2016, Copa America, NBA Finals and Beats

June 27, 2016

Let's take a break from the reviews and launch information for a bit. 

Instead, let's check out some videos related to events from the past week (and no, we sure as hell won't be talking about Brexit). 

Let's jump in. 

3 major sporting events that are (or were) ongoing:

1. Euro 2016
As I'm writing, Les Bleus just sent Ireland back home (it's 2-1 btw) so nope, they couldn't avenge Henry's 2009 infamous goal. France had a bit of a scare by conceding a 2nd minute penalty but they bit back. Antoine Griezmann almost got a hat-trick but two ain't so bad either. 

Speaking of Monsieur Antoine, Beats got some folks from the French, English, German and Spanish squads for a football party in a tunnel. Griezmann, Kane, Gotze and Fabregas do what they do best with The Prodigy's iconic Firestarter blasting, while they coolly walk to the arena with the Beats Studio Wireless. 
(btw, I still think Breathe is way better and if you don't get what I'm talking about, take a listen to this)

2. Copa America Centenario
Argentina just whooped USA's ass 4 goals to nil to clinch a spot in the finals with last year's winners, Chile. Their talisman, Lionel Messi, hit an incredible hat-trick as a sub (yes, a sub!) against Panama and beat Batistuta's 54 goal record in style with a corker of a free kick that slotted right into the very top-right of Brad Guzan's goal. 

It's quite hard to spot Messi with a pair of headphones and it's no different this time round. Can't say the same for Neymar (with a Brazil-colored accented Beats) and Ronaldo (with his own brand - the ROC Sport Black Platinum over-ear). 

So what does bringing up Messi have to do with headphones? Absolutely nothing. We did say we were talking about sporting events didn't we?

3. 2016 NBA Finals
LeBron James nailed this big time. He cemented his place in NBA folklore by dragging Cleveland Cavaliers from a 1-3 game deficit to a stunning 4-3 turnaround. His entire hometown of Cleveland celebrates and we're pretty damn sure that Beats is absolutely delighted for him too, rightfully so.

This vid sums it all up. It's from 2014 but still very much relevant. To the tune of Hozier's epiphanic Take Me To Church, LeBron comes back home and does some serious work outs with the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless. Doesn't this just make you want to get your ass off to do some weights?

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    1. Very welcome Isaac. It's interesting to see how audio manufacturers go all out to get the big names on board.


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