100 Posts. 100,000 Page Views. What Now?

October 01, 2016

The last post marked the 100th post of audiosplitz. Yes, you got that right - 100! To be honest, I didn't think we'd even make it past 10. This site was actually started sometime in 2007. My fingers were itchy, I loved music and tech so why not. A blog was formed. After the initial excitement, only a few articles were released year on year. The page views were not too good. And then some years, there was only one post. 

A Digital Marketing Journey
However, 2014 was a turning point. I had begun a digital marketing journey and I realized that audiosplitz was the ideal platform to gel all my interests (search engine optimization aka SEO, writing, getting in touch with audio tech to name a few) together. Using Google Trends, I could assess the prevailing audio trends on what people were searching for. Based on that, I decided to put out an article on the Sony Ericsson MH100 Bluetooth Headset and it was very well received, at least beyond what I had expected. This gave the impetus to explore. I reached out to the audio manufacturers and distributors. Web analytics tracking was added. I began to understand who was interested in audio and how they found this site. 

Questions While Developing A Blog
As the site owner, I initially thought a blog was only about content writing. What I had learnt is that this forms just a small fraction of what there is. You are basically the CEO. You decide what direction it takes and it really pushes you to go out of your comfort zone 'cos you ask yourself a ton of questions. Let's list down a few:
  • What website layout should it adopt
  • What social media platforms should be used
  • What articles are to be pushed out and when
  • The objective of the blog
  • How do readers access your site and how to target them
  • What angles/ headlines/ photos do folks tend to click on
  • How do you get a higher search engine ranking
audiosplitz - 100000 page views

Again, these are questions. This will likely take a few posts to do a detailed break down.

In the instance of SEO, let's take the example above of the Sony Ericsson MH100 post. When my article was put out, I was top 10 within 2 months of the blog post when 'Sony Ericsson MH100' was entered on Google (.sg). Even now, I'm ranked number 1 in .sg and top 3 in others like .se / .dk. I'll share more on SEO in the future and how to leverage on this for products.
Sony Ericsson MH100 - Number 1 on Google Search
Number 1 ranking in Google.com.sg as of 1 Oct 2016

A Milestone
And coincidentally, we have also hit 100,000 page views, based on Blogger statistics, since the inception of audiosplitz. Is this something that we should be jumping for joy over? Sure, there are websites that attain 100,000 page views in month. Given we've only been pushing posts on a weekly basis since mid-2015, one year to attain this number is indeed a start. 
100000 page views
100,000 page views!
All the traffic has been coming in since mid-2015 and it's spiraling up

To us, it's a milestone and milestones should indeed be a moment to savor, but only momentarily until we look forward to what new goals there are to attain. If you are reading this right now, I thank you for being a part of this journey, whether you are an accidental reader, an audio enthusiast or helping to provide review units :)
100000 page views

What Next?
It has been an incredible learning journey so far. I am very blessed to know exactly what I am interested in and how to channel this interest. What is the next step? There are a few considerations:

  • Video reviews
  • How to channel more users to the site
  • Increased focus on specific brands
  • Diversification to other audio tech (eg. custom in-ear monitors)
  • Emphasis on affiliate marketing

While there is nothing cast in stone as yet, I do invite you to join me in this journey of discovery. The past 100 posts have been singularly geared toward portable audio gear reviews and news. It has also been a time of experimentation, reflection and insight. With this post, I will kick start and squeeze in more updates on digital marketing in the coming months. 

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